The Company

In BeltCo, a German Company, we had developed, produced and commercialized rubber conveyor belts for the last 55 years. The conveyor belts we produce are used in a wide variety of sectors. This ranges from underground to opencast mines, quarries, the different industrial sectors such as the steel or cement industries, to conveyor belts for use in harbors and ports to the food industry and agriculture.

Choosing a conveyor belt made by BeltCo, is choosing a product that has been carefully selected to suit your needs. A belt that is made to last, resist, and is easy to install and maintain.

    BeltCo achieves by:

  • Our team of highly qualified technical salespeople. We take an interest in your problems and constraints, and are available to help you to develop the full conveying system.
  • Our wide-ranging expertise in textiles, in rubber, as well as in thermo-plastics. The textile carcass is the very core of a belt, and we are experts in this field.
  • BeltCo is one of the few conveyor belt manufacturers to produce its own textile.
  • BeltCo also has extensive knowledge not only of the different types of rubber, but also in thermoplastics like PVC or polyurethane.

In comparison to many other companies which have a wide range of activities, BeltCo produces only conveyor belts. A conveyor belt is not just one product among many others for us, but the sole focus of our attention. Internationally our effort is directed towards one goal: to satisfy you, the conveyor belt user.