Conveyor BeltsFood Industry

  • Excellent rip protection and impact resistance.
  • Minimizes damage to belt carcass from sharp objects or strong impact.
  • Prevents the belt from being torn lengthwise by sharp objects inserted between the belt and other equipment.

Food belt type are typically are made of 2 or 3 ply construction with cut edges. The carcass is made of synthetic EP fabrics. The cover rubber quality is tasteless and odourless and resistant to animal and vegetable oil. Easy to wash, does not absorb moisture from humidity and is not influenced by microorganisms.

Used for transportation of all sorts of foods, such as sugar, meat, fish, bread, poultry, etc. and has also a wide field of application within light material handling. The belt is non-staining and therefore also suitable for transport of packaging, parcels, etc. The antistatic properties prevent the outbreak of fires and explosions, and it is therefore suitable for transport of material such as sugar, grain, flour, etc. Suitable for applications, which for safety reasons requiere a flameproof conveyor belt.

  • Sugar refineries
  • Grain industries
  • Canning factories
  • Chocolate factories and bakeries
  • Poultry processing plants
  • Meat - Fish
  • Flour mills