Conveyor BeltsPatterns

  • The pattern belt is used for inclined transport of packaged goods such as boxes, luggage, parcels, sacks, etc. and excelent for bulk products, specially round shape.

Tipically 2 or 3 ply construction with cut edges and carcass of synthetic EP fabric (Polyester / Polyamide). The fibres are oriented lengthwise in the belt, which gives the belt a good stability.

The carrying side has black cover with a deep pattern providing maximum grip of the material.

The running side consist of impregnated EP fabric of high wear resistance and low friction. Therefore the belt is also suitable for conveyors with sliding plate. Rubber botton cover also available for idlers.

When choosing angles of inclination allowance must be for the shape of the conveyor such as support with carring idlers, plain support, belt spped as well as character of material and loading method.

It is recommended to place a short horizontal loading belt (booster) in front of steeply inclined conveyors.

Industries with transport of packaged such as boxes, luggage, parcels, sacks.

The angle depends on shape of material: High pattern: 35º Low pattern: 20º